Biden praises Dem ‘Tom Kaine’; Tim Kaine tweets ‘I love Jay Biden’

Whoops! Names are hard. Especially remembering the name of a former governor of Virginia and DNC chair.

Biden starts off: “It’s good to be in a state that’s going to be represented by Tim Kaine!” Then, whoops: “I’m a big Tom Kaine fan.”

— Carrie Dann (@CarrieNBCNews) October 27, 2012

Heeeere’s Jooooeeey! Biden: “I’m a big Tom Kaine fan” … One problem, his name is Tim Kaine…

— Kelly(@KLSouth) October 28, 2012

Sarah Palin got grief as VP candidate. How many #Biden gaffes can we overlook? “I’m a big Tom Kaine fan!” Tim K was DNC chair & former Gov!

— Concerned Midwestern (@MidwestViews) October 28, 2012

Indeed. Imagine the wall-to-wall coverage if it was a Republican gaffe.

Tim Kaine took to Twitter to zing Biden.

Thanks to the VPOTUS for the shout out today. I love Jay Biden!

— Gov. Tim Kaine (@timkaine) October 27, 2012


It’s time to fire both Joe and Jay Biden.

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