Elite ISI Represents Remote Guarding at FBI-LEEDA 23rd Annual Conference

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) July 08, 2014

Elite ISI was chosen by FBI-LEEDA to provide the association’s 6,000 member law enforcement executives and officers with training on the power of Remote Guarding. Its unique security formula expands the limitations of traditional security by arming and protecting remotely located agents using advanced technological, procedural and crime fighting capabilities.

The training programs educate FBI-LEEDA members on the new tactical capabilities including:

    Criminal forensics based security system design and implementation
    Remote Security Operations Command Center (SOCC) staffed by former military and law enforcement agents
    Immediate detection of all events, including perimeter breaches
    Assessment of all alerts for identification of legitimate threats eliminates false alarms
    Diffuse most threats by speaking to intruders with warning they are being viewed and video recorded
    Contact and inform local police only when eye-witnesses to a crime in progress
    Enhance officer safety by live, real time A/V communications with 1st responders, from first notice through apprehension, with descriptions, locations, movements and whether weapons have been seen
    Provide expert, eye-witness and forensic-video testimony

“We are witnessing the emergence of a disruptive innovation,” says Aria Kozak, President and CEO of Elite ISI. “Our solutions provide eyes everywhere on the property, at all times. Our Digital Guards never sleep, take breaks, or make deals with criminals. They zoom in on every detail, and intervene with authority. Though we are constantly perfecting our services by incorporating emerging technologies, equipment centric solutions have never been the answer,” he adds. “Over the last 40 years, I’ve never seen any new service advancement in the industry that can compare with our remote guarding solutions.”

About Elite ISI

Elite ISI is the industry leader in fully interactive, remotely operated virtual guard and monitoring and security solutions. With hundreds of customers throughout the US, Elite ISI continues to provide the highest level of commercial property and staff security and safety. Commercial clients range from office buildings, warehouses, logistics companies, auto dealerships, apartment complexes, and many other industries. Elite’s remote guarding approach to protecting private and public assets represents a clear departure from traditional security practices. Elite’s remote guarding generates loss prevention levels never before seen, reduces costs, and keeps first responders from harm’s way.

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