Hashtag predictions: The questions Obama won’t answer at his Tuesday presser

Oh, joy. An Obama presser is scheduled for Tuesday morning.

BREAKING: Obama will attack Republicans at 10:15 am EST.

— Tim Killeen (@timkilleen) April 30, 2013

Time for a press conference RT @brianhughesdc: Obama has little to show for first 100 days of second term bit.ly/ZPNxkx

— Charlie Spiering (@charliespiering) April 30, 2013

Mark Knoller offers a preview:

Pres Obama likely to face questions about North Korea threats, US payments to Karzai, & showdowns with Congress on sequester & gun violence.

— Mark Knoller (@markknoller) April 30, 2013

We know what questions President Obama is willing to answer.

#QuestionsObamaWontAnswer Shorter: Questions he WILL answer: – fave bball team, fave dance moves, who is the hottest AG, Super Bowl pick..

— Holly Renee (@hollyR_J) April 30, 2013

#QuestionsObamaWontAnswer he won’t answer any that pertains to this country but ask how Hollyweird is and he is more then willing!

— Maria (@MVic35) April 30, 2013

Obama: I’ve called this meeting to discuss the achievements of the first 100 days in my second term… hey, how about that Jason Collins!

— John Hayward (@Doc_0) April 30, 2013

But as always, don’t hold your breath waiting for answers to questions that matter to those pesky Americans in flyover country. It’s a long list and we have less than an hour until President “I, um” takes the podium, but it’s a fair bet that these are some of the #QuestionsObamaWontAnswer.

#QuestionsObamaWontAnswer Hey, how about a sit-down interview with @sharylattkisson on #Benghazi cover-up? twitchy.com/2013/04/23/sha…

— Michelle Malkin (@michellemalkin) April 30, 2013

#QuestionsObamaWontAnswerAnything from Ed Henry.

— Holly Renee (@hollyR_J) April 30, 2013

#QuestionsObamaWontAnswer why is it ok for you to comment on “police acted stupidly” ongoing case but not ok to comment on #gosnell?

— Army Vet Chic (@habitual_grump) April 30, 2013

#QuestionsObamaWontAnswer Why didn’t we send help when we know it WOULD have made a difference? #Benghazi They deserved better Mr. President

— Jackie Wellfonder (@princy_lyn) April 30, 2013

#QuestionsObamaWontAnswer Where are the Benghazi Survivors Mr. President?

— FloridaJayhawk (@FloridaJayhawk) April 30, 2013

#QuestionsObamaWontAnswer is a baby still a burden?

— Matt(@my2guns) April 30, 2013

#QuestionsObamaWontAnswer Can you explain Common Core to the American people in a few sentences?

— FloridaJayhawk (@FloridaJayhawk) April 30, 2013

“If the babies were already dead, why did #Gosnell have to snip their spines?”#QuestionsObamaWontAnswer

— Sean Agnew (@seanagnew) April 30, 2013

#QuestionsObamaWontAnswerWhere are the jobs?

— Against Obama (@against_obama) April 30, 2013

And since listing topics Americans actually care about has proven a waste of time in the past, we might as well have a little fun while we’re waiting.

#QuestionsObamaWontAnswer why do you pronounce Taliban and Pakistan so funny?

— ShanBunch (@ShannonBuncher) April 30, 2013

#QuestionsObamaWontAnswer “Does Chihuahua have an aftertaste?”

— Rebel Yankee (@TheRealBunker91) April 30, 2013

#QuestionsObamaWontAnswer What are your plans for Cinco de Quatro?

— Sean (@massSNAFU) April 30, 2013

Keep ‘em coming, Twitter. Obama pressers go down best with a healthy serving of mockery.


Nice work, Twitter activists & citizen journos: #QuestionsObamaWontAnswer is trending==> twitter.com/search?q=%23Qu… twitter.com/michellemalkin…

— Michelle Malkin (@michellemalkin) April 30, 2013

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