Phoenix New Times Interviews America’s Youngest Swami

(PRWEB) July 14, 2003

GLENDALE, AZ. – Yogi Barely is his new nickname. He’s been hailed as America’s Youngest Swami. Swamis are saintly representatives that are active leaders of the ancient Swami Order — the gatekeepers of Sanatan Dharma. His guru is recognized by the current leader of over one billion Hindus worldwide.

In a recent interview with Robrt L. Pela of the Phoenix New Times — the leading alternative weekly newspaper in Phoenix — Swami Dâ Prem was featured in the July 10th issue. The title of the interview was Yogi Barely, implying that Swami Dâ Prem isn’t close to your normal Americanized yogi. In fact, you wont find Dâ Prem with his foot behind his head or doing any funny pretzel poses. He is more a traditional yogi — practicing and teaching Brahman-Atman Yoga — which sets him apart from the crowd, and the rest of the yoga world.

Swami Dâ Prem is the leading expert and authority of traditional yoga in America, and at such an early age. He is helping people turn away from their vices and find lasting happiness and joy. At his disposal, Dâ Prem has many techniques to help people calm body, mind and emotions. With Dâ Prem’s public ministry on the way after he gave his maiden speech on Thursday, June 19th at the Glendale Public Library, he is the up-and-coming spiritual leader and personality in the State of Arizona.

New Times interview:

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Swami Dâ Prem is available for interviews.

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