SPT and True Release Results from 2014 Non-Profit and Association Marketing Trends Survey

Fairfax, Virginia (PRWEB) June 19, 2014

SPT and True, a business consulting and marketing communications firm surveyed local non-profits and trade associations to learn how their marketing and communication channels have changed over the past few years and to assess how this group would grow in the second half of the decade.

The slow recovery, even in the resilient metro Washington, DC area, has hit non- profits hard with 60 percent of organizations reporting declines in their operations and budgets.

Fifty percent felt a dramatic impact due to some regulatory change in their industry, including the Affordable Care Act. The other 50 percent attributed the impact to purely economic forces.

“We often over look the non-profit and association industry when we think about business recovery,” says Simon Turner, CEO of SPT and True. “As consumers or business owners we may belong to one or two professional organizations or contribute to a charity throughout the year and that’s it. But non-profits and especially trade associations in the Metro Washington, DC market are huge employers. They set business trends, influence legislation, and collectively have influence across the entire economy through meetings, organizations, and the power of their members.”

The 2014 survey revealed that this business sector is still experiencing a budget squeeze with 57 percent anticipating a reduced operations budget for 2014, 43 percent reporting staying the same. Financial hardship is the main reason for reduced budgets but others cite a shift in marketing production and the use of in-house teams.

“Hiring in-house marketing and design staff is a double-edge sword,” says Kris Brinker, SPT and True Art Director and Chief Creative Officer. “More in-house staff means more employees and a boost to the economy. But often these in-house creatives are expected to do everything from setting the marketing agenda, design, production, web development, and even updating social media feeds. They have ambitious goals but can’t meet them. The results are fragmented communication and lack of growth.”

Survey respondents shared ideas about quality communications; such as there is a direct correlation between professionally designed marketing and communications materials and successful events. Organizations across the board recognize the need for quality communications to retain and grow their membership and contributions. A positive trend is the use of technology to target communications, reduce costs, and better define marketing. Non-profits and trade associations plan to increase their digital marketing by 7.5 percent nearly twice the amount seen in 2012 and 2013.

Read the complete survey results online at: http://bit.ly/1odO0K3.

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