These Pigs Are Really Hamming It Up. D’aw! I Think I’m In Love.

From Wilbur, to Babe, to Gordy (no one remembers Gordy, “the pig who hit it big”?), adorable pigs with big aspirations were weirdly a huge part of my childhood. Why don’t they make any pig movies anymore? We’ve been so focused on dogs and cats lately we forgot about the porksters. Kids everywhere are being denied a proper childhood.

God knows we don’t need another Beverly Hill Chihuahua, so here are some adorable pigs hamming it up for the camera:

Nothing like bacon waking up to a cookie.

This pig has an interesting take on the ice bucket challenge.

Pig in a blanket.

And a pig in a towel.

Pigs love swimming.

Especially in groups.

Because despite popular opinion, pigs love to keep clean.

This pig brings home the bacon.

Cowabunga! Or…pigabunga?

Here are some pigs trying to make friends:

Finally, some duck love.

I can’t tell if this cat is making friends with this pig or if he wants to eat him.

That’s ok, this pig is simply too cool and doesn’t need any friends.

Pig pyramid.

Pig+puppy pyramid.

Classic pig.

This hungry little just walked down ten gargantuan steps for a little bit of oatmeal. It’s that kind of determination that won him the name ‘Hamlet’.

Here’s hoping one of these pigs will be the next Gordy. … Seriously, guys, the movie was huge. It even had a minor hit song by the guys he wrote “Whomp (There It Is)”. There was a music video and everything!

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