You Simply Need To See These 10 Amazing Home Remodels. Incredible.

Everyone loves a story with a good transformation, it doesn’t matter what it is. Sick to healthy, sheepish bookworm to outgoing babe (that same bookworm, but without glasses), tractor trailer to Autobot. They’re all great! Transformations inspire us to make changes that matter. The following remodeled homes, regardless of whether they went through subtle or substantial changes, have the same final result. Mundane or ugly houses were transformed into truly beautiful homes. Whoa. Check out these amazing before and after shots.

1. Bellevue, Washington

2. Seattle, Washington

3. Hinsdale, Massachusetts

4. Treasure Island, Florida

5. Saint Petersburg, Florida

6. Seattle, Washington

7. Oakland, California

8. San Francisco, California

9. Oakland, California

10. Atlanta, Georgia

(via Huffington Post) Very impressive! (Now when are we throwing a parties to break them in?) It’s easy to be inspired when you see home transformations like this. Just remember: measure twice, cut once. Also, don’t spend what you can’t afford to pay! If you want more epic DIY creations and Life Hacks, join the new Viral Nova Life Hacks Page by clicking here.

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